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Spotlight: UTS

UTS Residents regain safety and security on campus.

With security in student housing improves globally, UTS require all guests visiting the residential campus to sign-in using a system which controls the arrival and departure of guests. However, as the system was only working 20% of the time, it raised a huge concern for the safety and well-being of the residing students.

When UTS approached TIKS, they came with a pre-existing infrastructure that clearly needed love and support. We were instantly made aware by the team at UTS that safety and security was the number one priority for the residents on campus. With that, action was taken. We reviewed the existing security access system, confirmed our integration with Dormakaba, demonstrated extensive live reporting and implemented TIKS hardware for a full system roll-out.

TIKS Visitor Management All in one kiosk

It was a seamless transition with an 80% increase in efficiency and safety. “They are easy to work with and have a fantastic product” Jessica Hough, Business Supervisor at UTS.

With more than 100+ visitors checking into the system every day, UTS worked in harmony with the team at TIKS to deliver a product that gained the trust of both the residents and visitors to site.


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