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Key Benefits of Integrated Contractor and Visitor Management Systems for the Utilities Sector

VMS for Utility Services

High risk work, varying sites in remote, regional and metropolitan areas present unique challenges for organisations within the utilities sector. Knowing access rights, competency of workers and mandatory site rules is essential for our clients operating in these highly regulated settings. 

There is a need for controlling who attends the sites and how, as well as providing the tools for accurate communications to ensure the safety of the individuals in unmanned and isolated areas, dense high traffic depots or other critical environments. 

Robert Milagre, TIKS Principal Product Owner explains, “For utilities companies where compliance might mean life or death, our clients want to make sure that only the right people access the right parts of their workplace. Through our integrated Contractor and Visitor Management System (VMS), contractors, visitors and site sharers are required to complete an induction and where required, demonstrate competencies such as completion of Electrical Safety Rules training, in order to be granted access to site. Our workflows allow our clients to verify the competency of workers, require them to undertake pre-start risk assessments and issue permits to work.”

What is VMS & Contractor Management?

TIKS Visitor Management All in one kiosk

A VMS is a data-driven system that tracks visitors and contractors who enter your site. This digital solution replaces conventional methods with a tool that is real time and accessible from anywhere either through a native app or our Australian made kiosks, allowing you to monitor and record all movements. 

The system also has the capability to manage contractors more efficiently on the go, including work orders, qualification validation, live permit approvals, access control and even wayfinding through our modulated platform.

Automate Contactless Site Access Control

TIKS All in one Kiosk

A VMS assists organisations dealing with the challenges associated with COVID-19, including contactless QR code check-in and check-out. Geofencing capability can automatically check out visitors and contractors if they fail to sign out when leaving site. This provides time and attendance data and assists with the contact tracing process.

Clients can take extra measures to protect their workplace and team by integrating with access control systems and hardware e.g. turnstiles, license plate recognition systems and breathalyzers. Thermal sensors and cameras can also be integrated to detect skin surface temperature readings to deduce risks associated with COVID-19.

Online Induction and Training Before Attending Site

Our easy to use system allows pre-registration of visitors and contractors to complete online induction and training before arriving on site.

By choosing to induct online you will be able to train and inform visitors and contractors about health and safety requirements prior to arriving on site in an easy and cost-effective way with consistent and controlled messaging.

Digital Transformation with Intelligent Analytics

VMS enables organisations to manage permissions on site, connects visitors to hosts electronically and allows for visitors and contractors to plan through pre-registrations and transfer of knowledge via online inductions.

By utilizing a higher technology route by digitally managing records, it eliminates the paper trail creating a more efficient and error free record history.

Integrated Solutions

We are agnostic and specialise in systems integration. Our VMS has the ability to be tailored to different needs for organisations and can be integrated with existing workplace systems to improve efficiency, compliance and safety outcomes and reduce the cost to serve. 

Contact TIKS today for a demonstration of our platform that can specifically help your company resolve these challenges.

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