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Revealed: Winners from TIKS 10th Birthday Celebrations

TIKS honoured the service and dedication of its team at the inaugural TIKS Picks Awards at the company's 10th birthday bash on Saturday, 5 June, 2021.

The gratitudes are designed around TIKS core values and were chosen by the staff to recognise the respect, appreciation and contributions of each other. Sam Marciano, CEO and Founder, put it perfectly when he applauded the group's force:

“The long hours, the challenges but most importantly the growth I have seen in every one of you is incredible. TIKS couldn’t have done this without such a strong team and I thank you all.”

Full list of awards can be read below.

The Knowledgable Award recognises someone that is always creating solutions to deliver outcomes for the team and clients, every time.

Recipient: Jiangti Wan-Leong, Chief Technology Officer.

Jiangti Wan-Leong, Sam Marciano & Simon Lee

The Caring Award celebrates team members who go the extra mile to be helpful and understand what is needed.

Recipient: Karli Kenny, Accounts.

Karli Kenny, James McGuigan & Sam Marciano

The Curious Award honours problem solvers at heart and someone who is always looking for a creative solution for the team and clients.

Recipient: Will Parker, Senior Software Engineer.

Maddy Lamson & Will Parker

The Driven Award is about perseverance. It recognises someone who doesn't give up and solves complex problems with innovative thinking.

Recipient: Alex Haumer, Technical Lead Developer.

Alex Haumer, Edwin Chan & Sam Marciano

The Adaptable Award is a shout out to a team member who is flexible, nimble and diverse with their thinking. They partner with the team and clients to achieve success, bringing peace of mind and trust.

Recipient: Robert Milagre, Principle Product Owner.

Sam Marciano, Robert Milagre and Alexa Marciano

The team also celebrated two team members, Jiangti Wan-Leong and Joel Zulian, who have been with TIKS for five years.

John McGuigan, Jiangti Wan-Leong & Sam Marciano

Joel Zulian & Sam Marciano


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