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The Importance of Digitising Your Visitor Management System in the New Normal

As the world begins to shift back to on-site offices and workplaces, it has become clear that our new normal needs effective visitor management solutions, for the safety of both employees and guests. Digital visitor management systems (VMS) have revolutionised the way we check in guests, optimise workplace practices, and ensure that everything is up to your local health standards. Let’s jump into why it’s crucial that your business adopts a digital VMS today.

Six reasons you must adopt a digital visitor management system

There are many clear advantages of moving to a digital VMS. From ensuring that your workplace remains healthy to cost-effective and efficient data management, moving towards the new normal offers you a range of benefits including:

1. Health screening delivery

All businesses that are returning to on-site workplaces need to have a system to determine if employees, guests, and contractors are safe to enter. So, what do you need? It’s simple - you need a visitor management system that can identify and deny entry to those who are deemed to be at risk of bringing illness into the workplace.

A traditional manual VMS is no longer an efficient method of doing this. WIth many high-risk contact points, ineffective storage options, and an inability to easily access visitor information, paper records are now outdated as digital management systems become the standard.

A digital VMS is your ticket to safety. One popular option is creating a detailed questionnaire that contains questions about visiting at-risk areas, contact with COVID-positive persons, and other health-related information. With this information, your team can identify health risks and eliminate them before they become a problem.

2. In-depth visitor management

But a VMS is more than just a questionnaire. At TIKS, our VMS acts as a digital receptionist, taking care of all personnel that comes to your site. Our state-of-the-art solution can help you take control of visitor management both on-site and remotely. There is a range of tools our system offers, including:

  • Visitor data storage and management

  • On-site inductions management

  • Pre-registration of visitors and contactless sign-ins

  • Thermal screening

  • Geo-fencing to ensure that guests stay in their authorised zones

  • Real-time insights that help you analyse and measure key safety compliance metrics at all times

  • Emergency management

  • And more!

Our VMS helps you have full management of what’s happening in your workplace from one easy dashboard that can be accessed from on-site or remotely - ensuring that you’ve got the tools from anywhere in the world.

Source: TIKS

3. Contactless visitor reservation and essential visitor information management

Visitor management starts well before they enter your workplace. Guests or clients that need a set reservation time can schedule to visit without the need for phone calls or in-person sign ups when you integrate your VMS with your workplace’s calendar. Visitors can input their name, age and reason for visit; the date they’ll be visiting; the number of guests; fill out any required questionnaires or inductions; and enter any other necessary information prior to their visit.

Once they arrive, they will not be required to provide any more information as this will be pre-recorded and securely stored within your VMS. This saves both parties time and effort, and ensures that no unnecessary health risks occur on your site.

TIKS Solutions stores everything you need to know about your guests, including:

  • Their name

  • Proof of presence

  • Time of attendance and departure

  • Any past visits

  • Their responses to health questionnaires

  • If they have completed security inductions and training

  • Areas they are permitted to access

  • Work scheduling

All data is recorded automatically in the system’s visitor logs, and can be accessed from anywhere by authorised staff.

4. Security

A good VMS can keep your employees, guests and property safe by allowing you to register, track, identify and manage visitors to your work site. You should be able to pre-register visitors, see exactly when they’ve entered or left your workplace, check which specific site people are visiting, and more.

TIKS VMS Solutions can help you take control of your visitor management from end-to-end to ensure that everyone is permitted for entry, prevent any unauthorised activity and keep your property safe at all times.

Source: Unsplash

5. On-site visitor tracing

Many workplaces are still enforcing the work from home rule to all employees that are able to do so. However, you may be faced with a need to return to work, whether it's to meet your staff, clients or contractors in person. Under the new normal, it is not uncommon in this situation to have a limit on the number of people that can be on-site at the same time. This is where a good VMS can help you adhere to safety protocols.

Once you determine how many people you can safely have at your work site according to local health standards, you can implement this into your VMS and track your visitors in real-time. When your site has reached the maximum number of people permitted, your management team can ask them to wait in reception or to make an appointment at another time.

6. Cost-efficiency

A VMS streamlines the efficiency of your visitor management over time. Visitors no longer need to wait in lengthy queues before a set of receptionists, and instead sign-in quickly using a tablet or their smartphone. This automates the process to increase your receptionists’ efficiency at other tasks, get people through the sign-in process quickly, reduce the cost and resources needed for manual visitor management, and ensure that your visitors have the best experience possible.


Digital visitor management systems are more than just check-in tools. They are a revolutionary technology that can prevent health risks, safely and accurately manage all visitor data, act as a digital receptionist, keep your workplace secure, and save you time and money. After all, as a company you must be able to efficiently manage your worksite, create a safe place for all who visit and take the necessary steps to minimize the risk of illness. A digital VMS is your solution.

Take the dive and get your business running as smoothly as possible with the future of visitor management here at TIKS. Contact our team of experts and book a free demo to discover why we’re the leaders in all things visitor management.


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