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TIKS Thermal Screening Solution

Manage re-occupancy obligations

Are you ready to manage people re-entering your workplace?

What is the problem?


The world has been changed by COVID 19 and it will never be the same. However, in many ways the recent pandemic has shone a light on what we at TIKS consider to be best practice. The ability to know who is attending your site is a critical first step in meeting an obligation that you must fulfil. That obligation is generally your responsibility to provide a safe working environment. The COVID pandemic has brought awareness to the fact that old ways of doing business will not allow us to adequately manage evolving risks. Our obligation to identify hazards and to then eliminate or otherwise control them requires us to identify people who may present a risk. Although there are many ways to do this, not all are practical. Conventional methods – such as using an ear thermometer or mercury thermometer have obvious deficiencies in detecting people with abnormal temperature in public places. Moreover, it is highly expensive and inefficient to have a person operating a handheld device both now and into the future. So why not reduce close contact between people, reduce costs and increase your ability to manage risks by contacting us at TIKS because we have solutions. 

How do we solve this problem?

Our speciality is People & Places connected. We provide digital solutions that assist companies in all industries to efficiently manage their obligations when people visit their sites. In addition to our existing market-leading Visitor and Contractor Management platforms, we have done what we do best and we have innovated. 

TIKS Thermal Check-in Dashboard

Our New Kiosk Range

The only safety solution which takes hardware seriously

TIKS Thermal Sensor Check-in
TIKS Thermal Camera

A complete end-to-end integrated platform

We work closely with your team to build a solution that complements your existing workflows and systems, improves compliance and safety outcomes and reduces the
cost to serve. 

Our Clients

TIKS Clients

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