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How do we solve this problem?

Our speciality is People & Places connected. We provide digital solutions that assist companies in all industries to efficiently manage their obligations when people visit their sites. In addition to our existing market-leading Visitor and Contractor Management platforms, we have done what we do best and we have innovated.  TIKS now provides fully integrated thermal screening sensors with our TIKS Visitor Management System so that our clients can manage all site access obligations for visitors, staff, customers, family members and contractors in one cost-effective platform. Moreover, we also provide state of the art stand-alone thermal imaging cameras that capture everything from single person entry to large groups and provides analytical results straight to a dashboard so that you can easily and constantly detect termperatures at your site. 

Key Features:

  1. Sensors fully integrated with TIKS Visitor Management System 

  2. Sensors escalate high-temperature readings to hosts and inform the visitor

  3. Client can set temperature thresholds for sensors

  4. Sensors used as part of a broader site induction process that includes COVID inductions

  5. Cameras are stand-alone and can be discreetly positioned 

  6. Cameras can be integrated with other client systems

  7. Cameras linked to our online dashboard with photos and related readings

  8. Cameras only detect human skin surface temperatures

  9. Camera can include people counting 

  10. Camera can capture individual or large groups in closed or open spaces

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Trabajamos en estrecha colaboración con su equipo para crear una solución que complemente sus flujos de trabajo y sistemas existentes, mejore los resultados de cumplimiento y seguridad y reduzca el costo de servicio.

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Tel: +61 2 9194 2300‬

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