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Our technology allows us to integrate with existing systems to ensure the overall optimisation and management of staff, students, contractors and members of the public is maintained. We understand the constant demand on core property teams in these environments and we provide solutions to make it all transparent, controlled and manageable; whether it be access to site, asset maintenance processes, end-to-end management of contractors or supporting people in finding their way around site. We enable the full electronic ecosystem to come to life and present that to you through easy to use portals and dashboards.

TIKS has a world-class visitor management platform with an optional integrated contractor management system used by some of the world’s leading companies across many industries. Moreover, the TIKS Auditor tool can replace your existing tools with an easy to use auditing and reporting tool with unlimited users and full access to data at a market leading price.


TIKS are Australian owned and operated and we manufacture and service all our own hardware including our kiosks and desktop solutions.


TIKS has been recognised with numerous awards for its technical expertise and as such we can integrate with any site access controls, other systems like staff directories, key access, passes or enterprise resource planning tools. Our platform is highly configurable and therefore we can tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of the industry or client.


Key Features:

  • Seamless induction, verification of competency, site access and security permissions

  • Kiosk, tablet, mobile app and bring your own device options

  • One-stop shop portals and dashboards based on various roles and stakeholders

  • Field asset management to support maintenance programs, capital asset planning and asset risk management in accordance with ISO55001 and TEFMA

  • Geospatial ring fencing and real-time monitoring and people management, lone worker safety Central solution for digitising documentation and real-time data collection

  • Easy assessment of job stages from job assignment to completion

  • End-to-end evidence-based reporting of job status, linked to payment

  • Centralised and advanced real-time reporting and analytics

  • Safety and compliance document management, risk registers, hazard and incident reporting, audit tools, pre-start risk assessments and permits to work in accordance with ISO45001

  • License plate recognition technology integrated with visitor management to automatically manage traffic on site through permissions 

  • Advanced RFID technology and implementation

  • Industry leading expertise in integrating with existing enterprise resource planning solutions, project management and contractor prequalification and document management systems. Importantly, we work with sub-contractors and integrate with their systems including apps to remove duplication and administration effort

  • Easy-to-use platform for site access induction and real-time tracking of workers

Nuestra gama de hardware

La única solución de seguridad que toma en serio el hardware.

VMS-All-in-one kiosk

Una plataforma integral completa de extremo a extremo

Trabajamos en estrecha colaboración con su equipo para crear una solución que complemente sus flujos de trabajo y sistemas existentes, mejore los resultados de cumplimiento y seguridad y reduzca el costo de servicio.

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