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TIKS Transport & Logistics

Tracking moving assets and large populations between built environments. 

What is the problem?

There is an art to tracking moving assets and large populations between built environments. Managing staff, contractors and visitors for all locations, large and small, and managing access within those environments, especially public spaces, can be tricky and usually creates an overwhelming amount of data that is hard to systemise and make sense of.


With COVID-19, there is a now a serious legal focus on the obligations of companies to meet industry standards for activities such as pre-qualifying and vetting those attending workplaces including their own employees and contracted workers. Moreover, it has never been so important to ensure that people entering their workplaces do not present a risk to others or that the risks within the workplace are not exposed to those attending. 

How do we solve this problem?


Competency of the workforce, clear step-by-step instructions for planned works and making sure the right people have access at the right times is critical. We have developed software and hardware that expertly handles everything relating to and reporting on pre-qualification, verification of competency and on-site management for all contractors and staff to get the job done, safely. Our platform provides the ability to connect the planning process and systems to what happens on site and supporting on site and remote management of project works.


TIKS has a world-class visitor management platform with an optional integrated contractor management system used by some of the world’s leading companies across many industries. Moreover, the TIKS Auditor tool can replace your existing tools with an easy to use auditing and reporting tool with unlimited users and full access to data at a market leading price.


TIKS are Australian owned and operated and we manufacture and service all of our own hardware including our kiosks and desktop solutions.


TIKS has been recognised with numerous awards for its technical expertise and as such we can integrate with any site access controls, staff directories, key access, passes or enterprise resource planning tools. Our platform is highly configurable and therefore we can tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of the industry or clients. 


Key Features:

  1. Pre-qualification, verification of competency and access controls/proof of presence

  2. Scalable based on the size of your business and project requirements

  3. Support for asset lifecycle management, maintenance and risk assessment

  4. Isolation of works on site and appropriate people management

  5. Step-by-step project management and instructions

  6. Fit for purpose solutions for the mining and resources sector, including durable kiosks and digitised document and process management

  7. Real-time centralised data, analysis and insights

  8. End-to-end accurate reporting of job status, linked to payment

  9. Safety and compliance document management, risk registers, hazard and incident reporting, audit tools, pre-start risk assessments and permits to work in accordance with ISO45001

  10. Easy-to-use platform for site access induction and real-time tracking of workers

  11. Industry leading expertise in integrating with existing enterprise resource planning solutions, project management and contractor prequalification systems, contract management systems and document management systems

Our New Kiosk Range

The only safety solution which takes hardware seriously

VMS-All-in-one kiosk

A complete end-to-end integrated platform

We work closely with your team to build a solution that complements your existing workflows and systems, improves compliance and safety outcomes and reduces the
cost to serve. 

Our Clients


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