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Spotlight: Lipman

TIKS has been working hard on many exciting projects during last 6 months all thanks to our wonderful range of partners who have continued to support our platform. Our promise to innovate and drive technology that will deliver better business solutions now and in the future has remained strong during COVID-19 with the integration of TIKS very own Thermal Screening solution. This has helped companies continue to operate and adapt to these unprecedented times with features such as, contactless temperature screening and report management.

TIKS - Lipman Tablet Kiosk
TIKS - Lipman Tablet Kiosk
TIKS - Lipman Tablet Kiosk Check-in Visitor management Solution
TIKS - Lipman Contractor Check-in kiosk

TIKS Talk Lipman - How the role of a Safety Manager became “110% easier”

For more than 50 years, Lipman have shown great success within the construction industry. A strong focus on their people, clients and environment made it an obvious choice to partner with TIKS for the implementation of site compliance software and hardware.

“This is a major step in reducing the time and effort and the paperwork involved in just accessing and getting information about people on site” said Peter Elliott, Safety Manager at Lipman. While Lipman did have a process for the management of visitors and contracts to site, it was evident they needed to move away from the paper-based system to improve time management and efficiencies.

With TIKS Access Control now live across Lipman, visitors and contractors are required to comply with site obligations by using the latest in innovative technology. Simple induction process, easy sign-in steps and seamless integration with Rotech turnstile system. This is just the beginning of what is a powerful system now being utilised at Lipman’s Macquarie University site.

More than 220 contractors walk through the gates of Lipman Macquarie University every day. It was at that point when we recognised the increasing value TIKS for Construction would have on site.

A mobile application that manages each individual profile, TIKS for Construction links directly with TIKS Access Control to take the guess work out of which contractor is up-to-date with their site inductions, how many hours have been worked on a project and when a visitor has approached site. Safety notifications and announcements were pivotal in the development of TIKS for Construction. This along with an abundance of other features.

“My life is 110% easier, it really is” said Peter Elliott, Safety Manager at Lipman. Downloading and extracting reports as part of a monthly management process has dramatically improved with live reporting and data now at its strongest. What was a very time consuming process for the management team at Lipman is now a very simple process.

TIKS - Integrated turnstile solution
TIKS - Integrated turnstile solution

TIKS - Integrated turnstile solution

“My life is 110% easier, it really is. Every month I do a monthly report, part of that monthly report is the actual number of people on site and the hours worked. This report does it for me. I just filter it down, print it up and boom it tells me! That’s the beauty of that” Peter Elliott, Safety Manager at Lipman.

As TIKS spreads across Lipman, they are closer to reaching their goal of becoming a totally paper-less site. A platform that enables smarter working and safer environments through highly efficient tools, it is no wonder TIKS has very quickly become the talk of Lipman.


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