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Celebrating 10 years of TIKS

This year marks TIKS 10th birthday and on Saturday, 5 June, 2021, the safety tech company celebrated this milestone at Doltone House, Sydney. The evening was a sweet success and hearts were full from the support, generosity and kind words that circulated the room. The magic was everywhere.

Sam Marciano, TIKS CEO and Founder, opened the evening with a quick account of the company's history and evolution. He spoke of TIKS early partnership with Australia’s leading mining and resources company, and how this marked the birth of TIKS.

“When I first started TIKS, I also created a service offering company called Chocolate Coded. The company provided many services from web design, application development, design and marketing. Chocolate Coded also allowed us to understand many complex problems mine managers were facing on-site and it enabled us to build cash flow for the company, which was critical.”

This story highlighted some unique challenges, but more a focus on the opportunities Sam had found within the digital safety space. Through relentless determination, passion and drive, Sam has propelled TIKS to become a leader of safety innovation.

The company wouldn't have made it this far without guidance. Sam gave thanks to the significant people that shaped the development of TIKS. These key individuals have supported TIKS from the beginning and continue to contribute to the success of the business.

At the heart of TIKS are its people and Sam acknowledged the incredibly hard-working team who dedicate their time, strengths and efforts to TIKS.

“How truly blessed I am to have you all working for TIKS. The long hours, the challenges but most importantly the growth I have seen in every one of you is incredible. TIKS couldn’t have done this without such a strong team and I thank you.”

10 years, 50+ clients and 4.5 million check-ins later, TIKS is bigger than ever. Sam and the team are proud to serve the safety community and feel they're just getting started.

Here’s to the next 10 years.

Author - Alexa Marciano


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