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The Future is Digital: What This Means for Construction

The construction industry has been slow to adopt technological innovations and digital systems. Statistics quoted by demonstrate that the construction sector is the second least digitized sector, with agriculture taking the ‘analog’ wooden spoon.

With the challenges exposed by COVID-19, the construction industry has seen a spike in new technology influencing sector operations. Technology is becoming integrated into the way construction is approached and is an integral part of the industry’s move into the future.

A fundamental system for construction companies looking to establish and provide a safe and transparent environment is a Visitor Management System (VMS).

What is a Visitor Management System (VMS)?

Visitor Management System All in one kiosk

Do you know how many contractors and visitors came to your site last year? Were these contractors qualified to be on site? If you haven’t already implemented a VMS, you’d probably have to pull out your old filing cabinet to answer those questions.

And even if you did, would those records be accurate? At TIKS, our VMS can track everyone who enters and leaves your site through cloud-based software that records their name, time and date of entry and exit.

Furthermore, the system has the capability to manage contractors more efficiently on the go, including work orders, qualification validation, live permit approvals, access control and even Wayfinding.

Why do you need one?

Contactless arrival in the time of COVID-19

In our current climate, you must take necessary steps to ensure that the health and safety of your employees, contractors and visitors is upheld. You need a system that doesn’t require face to face interaction and manual handling, and one that can pre-register contractors and visitors from the touch of their phone.

TIKS VMS assists organisations dealing with the challenges associated with COVID-19, including contactless QR code check-in and check-out. Geofencing capability can automatically check out contractors and visitors, if they fail to sign out when leaving a site and provides time and attendance data.

Construction companies can choose to integrate with access control systems and hardware. For example turnstiles, license plate recognition systems and breathalysers. Thermal sensors and cameras can also be linked to detect skin surface temperature readings.

Integrated turnstile solution

TIKS - Integrated turnstile solution

Establish compliance with online induction and training

As you know, a construction site can be a hazardous place. As such, contractors and visitors could require training about health and safety requirements prior to arriving on site.

You can save time and pre-register your contractors and visitors before they arrive on site. They can complete an online induction, training or watch prescribed videos from their phone.

Benefits of this feature include decreased operational costs, consistent messaging and reduced risk factors. By choosing to induct online you will be able to train and inform your contractors and visitors in an easy and cost-effective way.

Records management

The TIKS platform has the capability to monitor and manage contracting companies and their workers more efficiently with qualification validations such as insurances, tickets, and trade licences. Instant notifications can be sent when records are approaching expiry.

Emergency management

Many things can lead to an emergency evacuation on a construction site. All sites need to have an actionable evacuation plan, policy and procedures.

With the help of TIKS VMS, you can quickly broadcast an SMS to everyone that is currently signed into a site to relay important messages.

Integrated solutions

At TIKS, being a software development house, we are vendor agnostic and specialise in systems integration. Our VMS has the ability to be tailored to the differing needs of organisations and can be integrated with existing workplace systems to improve efficiency, compliance and safety outcomes. Building in compatibility with existing enterprise solutions mitigates the need to spend more on upgrading existing platforms.

TIKS platform integrates easily with Procore to manage site access for workers as well as companies that are associated with construction projects.

TIKS Solutions

There is a massive incentive to identify solutions to transform productivity and safety through new technologies and improved workflows.

The team at TIKS can help you configure VMS and tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.

Find out more about TIKS products and how it can help your construction business here.

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