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Why a Contactless Visitor Management System is a Must-Have for Businesses in 2021

The way we run our businesses has changed in the last year, and now more than ever the safety of your staff and customers is imperative.

Managing your visitors, their paperwork, and the safety of your workplace can be difficult if you don’t have the correct resources, however an efficient visitor management system (VMS) can assist to keep your organisation running smoothly.

Why do you need a contactless visitor management system?

1. Save time, money, and resources

A VMS helps manage the flow of visitors into your company workspace, detailing important information including their name, the date and time at which they arrived and departed, their reason for visiting, and the accreditation they hold.

A VMS, like ours at TIKS, can also include a range of other features that can be adjusted for your needs such as:

● Audits and inspections

● Hazard capturing and reporting

● Emergency alerts

● Work scheduling

● Document management

● Permit to work

● Access control system integration

● And more!

These features help you manage a variety of security measures from an easily accessible dashboard. This gives you the ability to avoid extra staffing, additional resource costs, and the need to compile detailed reports.

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2. Alleviate customer concerns

Your customers want to know that they are in safe hands, and there is no better way to ensure that safety becomes second nature in your workplace than with a contactless VMS.

This will show your clients that you are taking the required steps to ensure safety in your workspace, and will also keep you on top of any safety issues that may arise.

3. Ensure that your staff can return to work safely

Creating a safe worksite is not just about the experience you can bring to your customers, but also that which you bring to your employees. As a business owner, you need to ensure that your staff and visitors have a secure workspace to work comfortably and have peace of mind.

A contactless VMS is an end-to-end safety solution that will help you track all entrants to your site, ensuring that everyone can be kept safe at all times from all locations, whether they are remote workers, isolated workers, or on-site.

At TIKS, our VMS includes advanced thermal screening technology that monitors the skin surface temperature to help you make informed decisions regarding the entry of each visitor. Not only will it keep your workplace safe but also save costs on staffing.

4. Meet security requirements

It's essential for businesses of all types to ensure that they meet the strict security requirements put in place to combat the spread of infectious diseases. However, a good VMS goes above and beyond to do more than just QR check-ins and screening questions, it includes online induction and policies, contact tracing and capacity management.

5. Keep your business moving

Keeping your business afloat may seem difficult in the current climate, but you can alleviate those worries with the right technology. Keep your people safe and business going with a VMS that has all the features you need in one easily accessible dashboard.

TIKS Solutions was developed and built in Australia to bring you the best in visitor management and keep your business ready for everything that comes its way.

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What are the benefits of a contactless visitor management system?


Ensure that your guests and staff follow security protocols before they enter your worksite with a contactless VMS. Pre-register all visitors remotely with COVID-19 screening questions to avoid the need for queuing at your site, to limit exposure risks to other visitors, and to ensure that you can provide a safe environment for all those involved.

Contactless induction and policies

Create, distribute and store documentation for your guests, staff, and contractors before they check into your worksite. TIKS Solutions has a range of videos, site inductions, assessments, and compliance policies that can be customised to your company’s needs to ensure that everyone is briefed on all necessary protocols.

This allows validation to those who come onto site, as well as block access to visitors whose site inductions have expired or don't meet the site requirements.

Touchless QR code site access management

Keep your staff, visitors, and contractors up to date with the latest social distancing rules with a contact-free QR code to sign in and out. A good VMS will also make use of geofencing technology, ensuring that your visitors are automatically signed out if they happen to forget!

At TIKS, our VMS brings your business all this and more, allowing your guests and employees to check-in via a mobile app and specially designed kiosks that are Australian made.

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Thermal screening

To take your contactless visitor management to the next level, we recommend a VMS that includes the latest in thermal screening technology.

Secure your workspace using kiosks with inbuilt thermal sensors and cameras to take real-time updates on skin surface temperature readings and make the decision to allow or block entry. Our professional software here at TIKS has this feature, and can also detect if site visitors are wearing a face mask to accept or refuse them at your entry point.

Access controls

Our VMS allows you to integrate your existing systems for high-level access controls that provide further protection to your site.

TIKS' software connects a range of hardware including turnstiles, license plate recognition systems and breathalysers directly into your VMS to provide detailed tracking information to complement your existing workflows, increase your onsite safety and save money in the long run.

Contact tracing

Contact tracing is crucial to keeping your business open safely. With a professional VMS, you are able to easily and efficiently identify those who may have come into contact with an infected person, as well as collect further data about them to isolate those at risk and enable your business to stay open.

At TIKS, our solution allows you to remain aware of all possible contact cases with automatic recording of all visitors’ names, addresses, dates of entry, and more.

Capacity management

Your workplace likely has strict guidelines that detail the maximum number of people allowed on-site at any one time. Capacity management has become a crucial part of the COVID workplace experience and will continue to be as we move forwards.

A good VMS not only records who comes in and out of your workplace, but also who is currently on location to ensure that you stay up to standard. With regular updates and alerts, TIKS Solutions keeps you on top of your capacity management at the click of a button. Follow your guidelines using capacity monitoring from our accessible dashboard.

Powerful analytics

Data is the foundation behind your company’s success, and this is becoming clearer in the climate we’re in. A VMS will help you efficiently manage each of your sites and daily sign-in requirements with real-time dashboards that gather information regarding what’s happening in your workplace into comprehensive and easily understandable reports.

You can monitor who has checked in or out of your site, check who needs to complete further security protocols, see if guests are in authorised zones, and broadcast site wide communications with a single click - all from one accessible platform.

TIKS is here to help you

TIKS connects people and empowers organisations with our state of the art customised services to help organisations ensure that they remain safe, compliant, and up to date. We are passionate about bringing you an incredible solution that will save you time, money, and resources and help your business become the best it can be.

With more than 20 years of experience in creating custom solutions for a range of industries including construction, aged care, government, and education, we specialise in providing cost-effective solutions that connect your operational processes, safety systems, visitor management, and more into one accessible dashboard.

We’re committed to delivering solutions that fit your company’s needs, and constantly redevelop our processes to ensure that we exceed industry standards and your expectations. We have the experience to bring you an exceptional visitor management solution that will ensure complete safety and satisfaction for your business.

Book a demo today to experience how TIKS Solutions can transform your business.


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